Campaign Responds to Adler’s Dishonest Attacks


The following is a statement from the Runyan for Congress campaign to Shelley Adler’s announcement today:

“While we thank Shelley Adler for visiting the 3rd Congressional District today, it’s unfortunate that she chose to kick off her campaign by attacking Congressman Runyan with a phony charge about Medicare reform that the non-partisan watchdog Politifact called ‘The Lie of the Year for 2011,’ and then refused to take a position on the costly, big government boondoggle called Obamacare,” said Runyan for Congress spokesman Chris Russell.  “How do you run for Congress in 2012 and not take a stand on such an important issue?  Voters deserve better.”

“For his part, Congressman Runyan is eager to run on his record as a political outsider who never voted for a tax increase and cut spending by trillions of dollars, while fighting for pro-growth economic policies and beginning to clean up the mess in Washington created by politicians in both parties over the years,” added Russell.

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