Audio: Runyan and Adler Contrast Issue Stances on the Michael Smerconish Show


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While billed as a debate, the joint appearance by Jon and Congressman Adler on yesterday’s Michael Smerconish Show turned into a substantive conversation on issues, highlighting the clear differences between the two candidates on issues affecting our country and the 3rd District.

Throughout the show one thing is recurring – while (falsely) denying he is a political opportunist, Adler actively paints himself as an ineffective legislator.


After introductions, Smerconish asks for comments on RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s take on additional ground troops in Afghanistan. Adler gives his views on the course of the war in the “medieval country.”


Jon responds emphasizing the need to keep politics out of war and allowing the military leaders on the ground make decisions that affect our troops in harm’s way. On the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Jon again defers to military leaders On the situation surrounding Gen. David Petraeus’ taking over Afghan operations from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Jon calls for a respect (in any line of work) for the chain of command when working in a team-like environment, but especially in something as serious as our military.


On the subject of the US Justice Department suing the State of Arizona over its immigration policy Jon notes the federal government’s actions are little more than political posturing due to their own failure (and inability) to secure the boarders.


The candidates talk about their differing opinions on offshore drilling. Jon calls attention to Congressman Adler’s hypocrisy in being “all over the map” on the issue. Jon evokes his support of the 10th Amendment and state’s rights to be able to make autonomous decisions, while highlighting the real issue of America’s dependency on foreign oil.


The candidates give thoughts on climate change, the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, term limits and the health care bill.


Issues turn economic as they candidates talk about their stances on the stimulus bill, the “trillion dollar spending bill,” that Congressman Adler voted for; bailouts; and the estate tax.

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  2. Terry Land July 8, 2010

    Way to go Jon. He tried to hide, but you didn’t let him. You showed class and civility (maybe a little too much), but you got your points across well especially when it came to common sense approaches and not instituting bills that have all the strings attached or trying to pass massive immigration reform instead of fixing the problem of not securing our borders and enforcing the laws we already have. For your first debate, I think you did great and the voters will see you as a fresh face and not part of the problem that is already there. Next time, remind people of his record before he hit D.C. and how many tax increses he voted for and the total percentages of them. His record as a state senator is where he learned to be a tax and spend politicians. People of New Jersey need to be reminded of that.

  3. Betty Christie July 9, 2010

    Jon, I heard the debate & was so proud of you getting your points across and speaking what you believe!

  4. Ray Wargovich July 10, 2010

    It’s beautiful that Jon made the points about Adler’s voting record as a supporter of McGreevey and Corzine and Pelosi/Reid. It was funny to hear Adler call these comments a “cheap shot” as President Obama and the Democrats almost daily take cheap shots at still blaming George Bush for the problems (ex. jobless recovery) caused by their own decisions and failures!
    Man on the street vs career politician. Fresh.

  5. Mark Leis July 12, 2010

    These kinds of interviews are very helpful. Hopefully you and Congressman Adler can do some more of them. While Congressman Adler continues to try to position himself as a moderate, he showed his anti-business core on the Arizona immigration issue when he emphasized that businesses who hire illegals need to be “punished”. In the world of moderate liberals the Government is never the problem, its either greedy businesses or somebody elses fault (e.g. George Bush).

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